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Good thinking describes a
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 Megan has great expectations. She knows what she wants from her
career. She knows what she needs from her associates, her friends,
and family. What she doesn't know (but believes she does) is why
she often doesn't get what she expects. Megan doesn't realize it, but
she makes up stories to explain why things are the way they are.
Those stories often shame and blame others, or herself. They fuel
reactive behaviors that seldom lead to what she really wants.
 Megan's effectiveness and satisfaction will greatly increase when
she learns that every aspect of her life has an underlying structure as
real as the building through which she walks.  Structure influences
everything. It limits her  choices and determines her outcomes.
Megan can learn to use those structures to succeed. You, too, will
experience a new level of effectiveness when you realize; "It isn't
personal. It's structural."